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Harlequins v Exeter Chiefs

As my Good Friday went on so the conditions for taking photos deteriorated, so only a handful here.  Leaving Tottenham slightly early I took off back along the A406, I saw far too much of that road for my liking!  But, I arrived in plenty of time and was able to touch base with my lovely Quins friends Sue and […]

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Canada v Fiji – Event 126

Game 3 of my weekend involved England’s opponents in the opening World Cup match, Fiji, I was very interested to see the team who’d line up against the hosts.  At £25.00 for an afternoon of international rugby at The Stoop it was as they say, a no brainer. I donned jeans, for the first time in years, so I could wear […]

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Rugby Aid 2015 – Event 124

Now, I have a bit of a quandary – The Rugby World Cup is only a week away and I’m behind with my blog, I think I may need to go Phlog stylie so I can get up to date before it all kicks off. Rugby Aid kick started my weekend, it’s a game between an England team and a […]