I thought that 2014 was pretty amazing for me when it came to live sport; I watched England Rugby Union play in Paris for the first time,  then watched Wales play France on a Friday evening, before I drove to Twickenham to watch England play Ireland.


Rugby Union isn’t my only passion I had an eleven day spell in the summer where I watched 4 days of Test Cricket, 2 days of Royal London Cricket, and 4 Rugby League games!  In total I watched 10 days of England Test Cricket this summer.


As the end of the year approached I saw Saracens play in Limerick, followed by an International Rugby League match as Ireland played Scotland.  Following on from that I saw 5 Autumn Internationals in 3 different countries!  Can that be beaten?  Oh yes, In an Ashes and Rugby Union World Cup year I do believe it can!


Having bought a diary to keep track of my 2015 fixtures, at this time I don’t have a weekend without sport until the 2nd weekend in September, something I’m sure I can put right by the time I get there! My 2015 is shaping into a year I don’t think I’ll be able to replicate again!


As much as anything I want to keep track of just how many days I spend watching sport; so here’s a second blog. My plan is to write a quick something about my day, about the sport I’ve watched and post, maybe 10 of the best photos I’ve taken that day. And believe me I take heaps of photos at every event I attend!


So, watch the space – it’ll all kick off on January 1st 2015 – when I’ll watch what may well be the only Wendyball game I get to – West Ham v West Brom! I do like a spot of the round ball game, here’s hoping I see a good game and write positive things about the day!

Here comes 2015! Not long now!

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