Another unusual event but one I do want to make note of and include in my 365 Sporting Days year.  A message came through to In The Loose with an invite at a swanky hotel in London.  I was able to take advantage of the offer, I got an email from Sean of Clifford French explaining that Austin Healey and Scott Quinnell would be there at an exclusive event with 25 people.


I can honestly say I thought Sean had left a zero off that figure! I arrived way to early at the hotel near Old Street to find that in fact there would be 24 people at the dinner!  Austin and Scott arrived and with them the very recognisable figure of Jimmy Bullard, adding a spot of football to a rugby evening.

The other guests were largely rugby writers, I felt honoured to be there especially as by chance I was the only lady in the room.  I had the pleasure of sitting next to Austin during dinner, it sometimes takes a standard conversation to understand that these people we see on the TV are only people, with families and lives outside of the sport they’re known for.


I’m not going to write too much as Scott said, in a different way – what goes on tour stays on tour – Scott performed as MC in between courses and did a great job.  We watched the video made for Ladbrokes Rugby World Cup campaign this is great!

You can watch it here!

After desert Scott took the floor and was a total star!  He regaled us with his rugby pedigree and wow it goes deep, with the names if legends of Welsh Rugby being thrown out there.


The food was very good, the company delightful, the fall at Liverpool Street station wasn’t so special, but it did’t spoil what was a great evening!

More on In The Loose here –

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