Phew – up to date for 2015 on my Sporting adventures.  I knew I wouldn’t make 365 events in one year but I’m pretty happy with 172!

As well as my favourite/standard string choices of – in no particular order – Rugby Union, Rugby League, Cricket and Football (not so much the football) I’ve watched some different sports during the year – Athletics, Horse Racing, Cycling, Amateur Boxing, Tennis, American Football.

I had an amazing year and plan for 2016 to be just as good!


I’ve watched rugby union in particular at all levels, Schoolboys, Under 15’s, Under 18’s, A League, Premiership, Championship and even Parliamentary Rugby! Oh and in addition to 5 Six Nations matches in 5 countries I was lucky enough to go to 15 Rugby World Cup games including the Final!  It cost me an absolute fortune but I have no regrets at all – I saw some amazing rugby and met some wonderful people from all around the world!

I watched cricket at international level, county level and a new one for me women’s cricket – I loved it!  I saw England regain the Ashes, with 11 days at the games and with the exception of Lords at least 2 days at every venue I saw history made when Stuart Broad took 8 wickets for 15 runs!  I’m still pinching myself on that one! I had my first published articles in Cricket Club Magazine – with 10 pages and the front cover, followed by 5 pages and another front cover, there’s nothing quite like seeing your work in print!

Rugby League I’ve seen at international national – albeit a rather boring match! Unlike the World Club games I saw in February.  I’ve watched Superleague Rugby and Kingstone Press Championship Rugby – adding the two together I saw 8 games in one weekend!  And of course Kingstone Press League 1 rugby too.

I’ve continued writing articles and interviewing people within sport too, it’s been a truly wonderful year!  With memories galore made and saved within my blog.

I’m going to change things around here in 2016 – I’m still going on with my Event count but I’m also going to add my other articles here.  In addition I plan to feature ‘guest bloggers’ to help others get on the road to the amazing experiences I’ve had.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the year and keep reading in 2016!


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