It was typical that I could make this game at The London Stadium, my last visit had been to see Man City as well, I was hoping for a better result and experience.


I was intersted to see City of London Police in attendance and to learn that different forces police the games on a regular basis.  On the night of the Chelsea cup game Essex and Kent police were in charge and at one point officers were directing Chelsea fans into West Ham fans, not the best plan!


The changes made to the stadium seem to have put paid to crowd trouble in the ground which is a great relief, there are now physical barriers both inside and outside the ground, it’ll be interesting to see what happens when Chelsea come back, typically that’s the next game I can make.


I was back in my season ticket seat which meant I was in good company and not surrounded by people who wanted to call every man and his dog the C word.  So that was all good, and the football?  Well, the cup game saw Manchester City win by 5 goals to nil.  So, I suppose 4 nil was at the least a better result.


It seems to me that the West Ham players struggle with a pitch that’s bigger than the Upton Park ground.  According to the Stadium Design Website the pitch is 5 metres longer and 4 metres wider.  That’s an awful lot of extra space!  Space that a team like Man City thrive on as it matches their own.


Kevin De Bruyne benefited from some sloppy play by Aaron Creswell who casually played a ball into midfield to the feet of the City player.  He stormed upfield at pace passed to his new team mate Jesus who passed it back to him, De Bruyne was never going to miss, no dodgy penalty to kick things off this time, just a dodgy ‘pass’.


Sam Bryam had the indignity of being nutmegged by Sane, before he ran past new Hammers signing Fonte to cross to David Silva who casually side footed into the goal.  That prompted my neighbour who’s arrived late to leave, which I have to say I find really strange.  The West Ham walk seemed to start very early for this one!


City’s 3rd goal came from a sloppy pass from Pedro Obiang, it was picked up by Sane who sent Jesus in, an easy tap past Darren Randolph.  Cue more seats being emptied.  It felt like City may score into double figures such was their dominance but there would be only one more.  Fonte caught Raheem Sterling in the box and Yaya Toure scored the penalty.


This was men against boys for the second time, West Ham have since beaten Southampton and face West From and Leicester at home before I can go again.  Hopefully those games will build some confidence and I can witness a win or at the least a competition.


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