Day 2 of our road trip saw us waking in Great Gransden, we’d stayed with my lovely cousin Kate and her other half Giles.  We were spoilt rotten, and had our ‘no cake’ rule broken with the warm Lemon Drizzle cake she’d baked when she got home from work.  I have no concept of that, but the cake was delightful!  And it would have been very rude to say no!


I’d driven past the American War Cemetery lots of times when visiting and on our way through Monica and I decided we’d go and have a look.  This is something everyone should do, it really brings home the true consequences of war.  There were crosses for the 3,812 men buried there and a list of the 5,127 missing in action.  It’s a humbling experience.  I’d previously been to Ypres where I was truly effected by the incredible numbers involved.  At Ypres the ages of those lost are listed and reading about 18 and 19 year olds really does take your breath away.


From Madingley we set out on our way to Lincoln, we decided to do it the old fashioned way using a map book and a sense of direction.  Mine is usually hopeless but this time we got to the A14 safely before leaving it for Stamford.  This is a place I’d visited several times, but I was clearly very single minded as I hadn’t really seen it, other than to stop off for Fish & Chips!


What a lovely place it is, we parked and walked along by the river (cue artistic photos through the trees) before finding some civilisation in the shape of individual and often quaint shops.  We’d learnt our lesson as far as eateries were concerned and didn’t jump at the first we saw!


Gooch’s looked good and turned out to have been the Fish & Chips place I used to frequent, it’s far more sophisticated now.  Having broken the cake rule we were inclined to do so again, yet actually justified having a cream tea by telling ourselves it was lunch!  It had a big strawberry too, so not only lunch, but at least 2 of our 5 a day!  Voila! Who can argue with that logic!


Having successfully found Stamford all on our own we set off for Lincoln with just the map book for help, we took the A15 which was so much more pleasant than the A1!  We had the Spotify Playlist compiled for the journey for company so sung at the top of our voices with actions from Monica at times too – very disconcerting!


We got a bit lost in Lincoln, which meant we went round in circles for a while, the signposting for the car parks wasn’t terribly helpful.  But, we finally found our way to a multi-storey car park near the Wharf.  I’d asked for advice on restaurants this time, from a friend, Timmy who lives in the area.  We met at the Trent Bridge ODI last summer between England and Sri Lanka last summer and realised we’d chatted Leicester Tigers on Facebook a few times.  His recommendation Cafe Zoot was of course at the top of the VERY Steep Hill near the Cathedral.


To sat walking up that hill was a struggle would be an understatement, even with stick in hand to cope with my dodgy knees it was hard work.  But, the climb really was worthwhile,  we had a walk around the cathedral, which is of course a highly impressive building.  It never ceases to amaze me when I go to such buildings that they were built without the use if the modern day equipment such as cranes!  A stroll through the cathedral and we were ready for more food – well, it was (nearly) a meal time!


Cafe Zoot beckoned, the food was really very good, and they provided a 2 course meal for £11.95 which was highly reasonable.  A 3 course meal consumed we made our way back to that hill.


I can honestly say I haven’t laughed as much for a long time!  I’m rather afraid I was laughing at Monica rather than with her, but she really can be a hoot at times!  The descent was harder than the climb – but a lot funnier!  We made it in one piece however.

A short drive to our B & B and we’ve had an evening chilling, including a face pack!  I seem to be turning all girlie.  We head to Harrogate and Betty’s tomorrow – ooh, more cake!



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