I’ve just arrived home from a very rainy Scarborough, having watched Essex beat Yorkshire on Monday afternoon, tomorrow I drive back to Leicestershire CCC to attend an event as detailed below.  I’m looking forward to learning more about the Foundation and their plans and will share once I’ve sat in one place for more than 24 hours!

The Asian Sports Foundation (ASF) is a UK registered charity with the primary aim of increasing participation and engagement of minority ethnic groups in sports and physical activity. Established in 2015, the ASF’s primary objectives are to:

►   Increase participation and engagement of minority ethnic groups with sports across all levels.

►   Support sports clubs, NGOs, CSPs, committees and bodies to recognise and deliver on responsibilities for equality and inclusiveness of minority ethnic communities.

►   Inform local Government of innovative models to deliver inclusive sports programmes through insight and experience which are replicable on a national scale with repeatable models.

►   Provide a physical and digital support system for communities and participants alike through mentoring and coaching to ensure a pathway of regular physical activity and sporting success.

►   Deliver effective solutions that promote and impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of communities, improve individual development, social and community development and economic development.

►   The Asian Sports Foundation is a UK Charity campaigning for equality and inclusion for Asian communities in SPORT.
The Asian Sports Foundation will look to support National Governing Bodies, clubs and Committees at a strategic level to deliver tangible projects which break down cultural and religious barriers and provide sporting benefits to a underrepresented minority ethnic community.

On the 10th August 2027 the Asian Sports Foundation in partnership with Leicestershire County Cricket Club, Royal Navy and ECB will be hosting an evening of Asians In Cricket in Conversation with Special Guests.

Despite there being close to 3.5 million British Asians living in the U.K., not many seem to make the breakthrough to a professional level within sport.

We will be exploring participation in cricket within the Asian community and how we can breakdown cultural and religious barriers by providing sporting benefits to an underrepresented minority ethnic community.

This will lead to a panel discussion.

The event will explore a range of topics, some of which will include:

– Challenges pursuing a professional career within the Asian community

– How to better articulate the value of sports participation to the wider Asian community.

– How can we develop sports led programmes in marginalised communities within the UK and abroad promoting social cohesion

– Sharing key insights during cricket journeys

– Learning from the cricket which can be leveraged in the business world

The Royal Navy is very keen to reach out to BME communities as part of requirement drive to increase diversity in the Navy.

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