After a day of drizzle and clouds followed by a day of torrential rain I returned to Canterbury with the promise of some play.  Amazingly the Kent Ground Staff managed together the Spitfire Ground into shape and play started after an early lunch.


Kent started the day on 39 for 1 with Joe Denly on 12 and Sean Dickson 24, they’d faced the bowling of Amir and Hasan as the light was deteriorating on Day 1, that must have been nightmarish, but, they survived.


They both must have been more than pleased to see bright sunshine before they had to face them again!


It was chilly yet bright in Canterbury, but 2 more sessions were played in this match that was in danger of being a wash out.


Those 2 sessions were really all about the batsmen, but they also gave a chance for the Pakistan bowlers to have a run and for those watching to observe some of the dynamics between the Pakistan players.


Sarfaraz and Haris Sohail seemed to be having a prolonged heated discussion, I’m not sure it was wholly civil.  With only  2 sessions of cricket played there isn’t too much to write, but there are still plenty of photos.


The afternoon wasn’t quite what the Pakistan team might have hoped for, it was predominantly about Joe Denly and Sean Dickson.   They both thrived on what was in effect Day 2.


Joe Denly played for the Karachi Kings in the Pakistan Superleague with Amir and that may well have helped him, he made a stylish 113* including 14 Fours and 3 Sixes.  Sean Dickson scored 74 with 5 Fours and 3 Sixes before falling LBW to Shadab.  Both men played some entertaining cricket, on a day when cricket being played felt like a virtual miracle, they were a delight to watch.


Once Dickson was out, Alex Blake was bowled by Amir for 3 and Zac Crawley was bowled by Shadab for a Duck.  The day fizzled out with Kent on 209 for 4 and an honourable draw declared.

Pakistan moved on to Northants, Kent went back to to County Cricket having taken more from the game than their visitors.




  1. Some great photos in there and compulsory viewing for youngsters, get your head in the right place and the rest will follow. Footwork can be a natural variation as no two batsmen are ever alike, but they all play the ball under their eyes.

    Actually, be good viewing for some Essex players as well after this weekend. 😃😃


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