Rugby League is a game of momentum, it’s also incredibly unforgiving when it comes to errors. Sadly for Skolars they had none of the first and made too many of the second. This was the first match back with crowds for the Skolars and biy it sounded good. A coach load of Hunslet fans and the ‘usual suspects’ for the home team definitely let the teams know they were there. It did take some time for the predictable ‘get em onside’ to be heard however.

Skolars started well with a try for Lameck Juma who’d had one searing run before he was thrwarted, the second time he broke through and touched down to score. I was still writing my tweet as Hunslet hit back through Tommy Ashton, I’m not sure I’d even finished that tweet before he scored a second. There’s that momentum thing! The conversions weren’t good for Hunslet – so that was a short lived blessing for the home fans.

Lameck Juma getting the perfect start for Skolars

Tommy Ashton struck back twice in quick succession.

I was trying to take photos, make a note in my book of try scorers and tweet, alongside watching the game of course, the tries came quick and fast all for Hunslet in the first half. With David Gibbons next on the score sheet as the ‘big men’ of the team seemed to bulldoze their way through what scant defence was on offer.

One of the absolute joys of being out at live sport are the people I meet, I was sat just behind Nick Halafihi an ex-player and Dad of the Hunslet 9 Vila Halafihi. His name was next on the scorecard as the playmaker became try taker, he went over from close up, close to the sticks, both this and the previous try were 6 pointers and Hunslet were running away with things.

David Gibbons added to his tally before Halafihi took another opportunity, they were taking it in turns it seemed. The score had progressed to Skolars 6 Hunslet 32. Alex Brown was next to go over the line. the tries were coming thick and fast.

The score was a painful one for the home team at half time – London Skolars 6 Hunslet RLFC 36.

The players had stayed out at half-time, they were all back and in place long before the officials returned. Hunslet carried on where they’d finished the first half, so did Skolars sadly, a dropped ball saw Sion Jones go in for his first, things were going in pairs for the visitors and he scored his second moments later.

There was a little something to make the home fans smile up next as Gregory Johnson scored a lovely try out on the left wing, it was a small moment of joy, but every little bit helps!

That was to be the only try of the half for Skolars but Hunslet weren’t quite finished. Nick, Dad of Vila had said he’d scored 2 at the New River Stadium on his last visit, he went one better this time scoring his hat-trick try to take his team to 52, Hunslet were scoring quicker than England Cricket at Edgbaston!

There’s a much shouted phrase in rugby league, Man and Ball! Skolars failed in that basic piece of work which saw an offload to MAtty Chrimes who strolled through for another try. The agony wasn’t over there’d been a couple of bits of niggle/handbags and Mike Greenhalgh saw a yellow card for his part in what seemed to be a huge pile of bodies in the middle of the pitch, not a nice place to be on a boiling hot day!

There was time for one more try, and in spite of the hint of a forward pass Alex Rowe was rewarded for his hard work during the game with his own 4 pointer. The final score was London Skolars 10 Hunslet RLFC 62. Lots to take from the game for the visitors, lots to work on for London Skolars.

In spite of the result it really was great to be sat amongst a rugby league crowd, roll on next week and Barrow!

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