With the iPro Sport Cup decided game 2 for the day was upon us – Workington Town v Whitehaven. The Summer Bash would showcase every team in the Kingstone Press Championship.

With 6 games to post about there will be more photos fewer words that some are used to.

Game 1 pitted 10th place Workington against 11th place Whitehaven – a big game for both teams therefore! Both were on 6 points but Whitehaven had faced some heavy defeats including a drubbing by Workington, losing 40 nil.



This in common with several of the other matches was a true local derby, with a mere 8.5 miles separating the 2 Cumbrian teams –  so pride as well as points at stake!



I’m sure revenge was on their minds, Whitehaven were certainly the better team in the 1st half, there was a determination to their game and it has to be said more than a few errors by Workington.



Whitehaven were a team on a mission scoring 4 first half tries through Grant Gore, Jordan Sigismeau, Louis Jouffret and Jordan Burns – Workington scored a single try through Jarrad Stack, converted by Carl Forber.


4 tries to one should have given an unassailable lead, however Louis Jouffret only converted his own try – would those 6 missed points make the difference?





The teams went in at half time with the scores on Workington Town 6 Whitehaven 18.


A 12 point gap won’t have looked too daunting for Workington they could easily have been looking at a 24 point deficit.



It felt like 2 different teams emerged for the 2nd half!   Jarrad Stack added his 2nd try and was joined on the scoresheet by Marc Shackley and Jack Murphy.  Carl Forber added a further 8 points in a great kicking display.


Whitehaven could only add a further 2 points from the boot of Louis Jouffret – momentum counts for so much in rugby league and it was certainly with Workington in the 2nd half.



The final score was Workington 26 Whitehaven 20 not what would have been expected at half time!



Time for lunch before the next game, thankfully I’d bought some pasta from Waitrose on my journey – no kudos at all to Waitrose on their feeble fork!  First of all I was left with just the end – then one of the spikes (not right I know) snapped off!  Useless!  But the pasta was good!




The afternoon was glorious – a beautiful blue sky!  But, it was pretty freezing in the stadium – that’ll teach me to dress for Summer!  Game 3 for the day next!




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