Having to wait in for my shower to be fixed I was going stir crazy – the man turned up at 4.30 pm!  The rain had been falling all day and yet the clouds started to clear and a bit of blue appeared.  So, my first Women’s cricket game was a distinct possibility!



I am going to make an awful confession, I was really unsure about what I was expecting to see.  What I did see was a skilful display by both teams.


I’m not going to go into specifics, here’s a link to the scorecard – http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/scorecard/ECKO37959 but a quick run through of what I saw.



Australia batted first and I have to say that a few of the men who took part in the main event this summer could do well to look at the batting technique of a few of those batting for both Australia and England.



I’d say some of the shots played by both teams were straight out of the text book,  this was attractive cricket.



As far as the fielding was concerned?  England were pretty amazing – direct hits on the stumps aplenty – and 3 run outs.  Australia made 122 for 8 from their 20 overs.




England needed on 17.3 overs to make the necessary runs and lost only 3 wickets in getting their 125 runs.  The atmosphere at the ground was great!  And it was wonderful to see so many girls/women watching the game.  I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, although dressing for late summer rather than mid summer would have been a plan!




To explain about the photos, I don’t have many, my camera seems to fail when it’s dark a cold.  I can see that’ll be a problem when it comes to the Rugby World Cup.



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