Now, I’m going to make a confession here before I start writing – I’d never seen cycling of any variety live so when I saw the tickets advertised I thought to myself – I’ll have some of that!



As you look back you’ll see that I watch 3 main sports – rugby union, rugby league and cricket with a few football matches added in.  I am however trying to take in some different sports, hence a trip to the Velodrome at Stratford.



The Velodrome is a fair old walk from Stratford Station, I was very glad I was in new me mode – so in flat shoes!  I arrived with feet intact which was a result!



Now, I’m not going to write too much about the cycling because  I confess I had no idea what was going on for quite a lot of the time!  But, I can honestly say – wow I enjoyed it!



This was an event that I really should have bought a programme for – It was a school girl error not to, and I can’t find much in the way of information online!  And I have to say taking photos of cyclists is even harder than taking photos of horses – apologies for the quality!



So, a few general comments – these individuals, both men and women are incredible athletes!  We were treated to a wide range of races – from sprints to 40 lap races.  From individual to 2 men team races.



Clearly the sprints were easy to understand – these were contested by men with some of the biggest thighs I think I’ve seen in sport, stocky, strong individuals.  One of which in particular was a real show man – An American he seemed to dance to he great music being played by the Ministry of Sound Dj as much as he cycled!  He was great fun!



We had the Madison – a race with a pair of riders cycling at speed – one cycles ahead and brings his partner into the race by throwing him forward – it was fascinating and REALLY hard to understand what on earth was going on!



Then we had men on what seemed to be motorbikes – yes we had the single motorbike holding the pace for one race – but then the amazing spectacle of a little man on a motorbike for every single rider!  How on earth the man on the motorbike knew when to go faster I cannot imagine!  But again, it was very exciting!


IMG_3362The ladies took part in a race where the last rider every other lap had to drop out until there were only 2 left!

All of this action added up to a pretty amazing evening – the music was pretty immense too!  I’ll definitely go back – and get a programme so I can explain a bit more!  Here’s a link to someone who knows a bit more!

  • Cost of Ticket       £50.00







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