As I only made the final 11 or so overs of this match this is going to be largely a Phlog rather than Blog.


Having been at home all day I was going rather stir crazy!  A Facebook post by a fellow Essex Cricket member Daren Mootoo of his son playing very near to my house had me driving to watch some cricket.


There were 2 games underway – U11’s and U13’s – there was a tiny batsman hitting the ball well for one of the U11 teams, he was barely as big as the stumps but was making some cracking shots!


The U13’s were on the second innings, Springfield had made 122 (from the scorebook) in their innings with Max Atkinson hitting 56 of those runs.


This was a T20 but with a difference, I wondered why the wicket keeper stayed at one end, apparently 10 overs are bowled on the trot from each end.


Billericay didn’t fare as well with the bat, making 46 in their 20 overs.  A few batsmen were clearly very disappointed but all in all it was clear that a good time was had by all.


It was great to see so many young people out in the fresh air on a Friday evening, rather than sitting in front of a TV or X Box.  This is where it all starts without the time given by all at this level we wouldn’t have the County Cricket or International Cricket the cricket fans amongst us love to watch.


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