A decent nights sleep was had in spite of a room that was on the hot side, we went out of the hotel for breakfast, to the Hoxton North, next door to the White Hart Hotel.  What a great place to spend time, the restaurant was full and the food sublime.  Harrogate was an exceptional culinary experience overall!


Northumberland was our next target, we again went map book stylie and found our way to the Alnwick Gardens with no problems.  We used the A19 which is a dual carriage way, yet it still felt less busy and hurried than the A1.  This was what will be the longest leg of the journey and was certainly helped by the singing, tunes aplenty largely from our youth, with a good smattering of Beatles songs, it always amazes me that we remember every word of a song not heard for 40 years!


We had a 2 for 1 voucher for the gardens thanks to Cousin Kate which made this a very good value visit.  The gardens were stunning, we had a tour of the poison garden and were led through the horror plants by a very knowledgeable lady, it was really interesting!


It was rude not to have tea and cake, but it was our lunch, honest!  We had the company of a tubby little robin which was a nice added bonus!  A walk through the bamboo maze and rose garden allowed Monica some crazy time! A huge feature of this trip has been laughter, it’s so good for the soul!


From Alnwick we headed to Seahouses, this isn’t quite the place we thought it’d be, but, the fish and chips at Lewis’s restaurant are well worth the visit alone.  Tomorrow we go on to North Berwick, heading into Edinburgh for the Challenge Cup Final in the evening. I’ve enjoyed taking photos of things that don’t involve sport, and have taken a lot today, but, normal service will be resumed tomorrow!




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