Days 5 and 6 include rugby so they’ll need to be posted later.  Day 7 sees us heading back to the South.  We again decided to go map book style and we again got lost!  We aimed for the A68 rather than the A1 and that ended up with us taking an amazing road across some incredible scenery.


The day has been mostly about driving, I’d say we added an hour on to a five hour journey by taking the ‘high road’, but wow we saw some amazing sights!  We stopped for – a cake of course in Hexham, a place that probably needed more time than we had to give, before heading for the A1 to get to Bakewell, our destination for the night.

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That meant a drive through Sheffield, a place I’ve only skirted around before, it looks like a place worth visiting with more time.  The journey through to Bakewell showed us some of the Peak National Park, which really is truly beautiful.


We’re staying in the Rutland Arms Hotel, a small blip of a double bed was remedied and made into twin beds while we were eating a wonderful dinner.  Wine has become a habit and we shared a bottle of pink.  We had the company of a blue tit – of the bird variety!  Not so great in a dining room 😦

FullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender 6IMG_6057

The wine ensured hysterical laughter on the way back to our room, that really has been one of the best things of this trip.  Naturally Saracens retaining the Champions Cup was the absolute highlight, but this really has been the best way to get to sport!



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