I shocked myself on Day 2 of the Summer Bash by not waking up until gone 9am!  Unheard of!  I nearly missed breakfast and probably looked a sight when I did go down!  Hopefully the rest of the guests were bleary eyed too!


I decided not to be fooled by that shiny thing in the sky, not that it was on show!  I went to my car and got my totally unattractive winter coat out!  Looking rubbish was a definite plus over feeling really cold!


Having sussed the tram out I made my way to the front, feeling very pleased with myself!  I had a nice chat on the way with a Coventry Bears fan – I think he was as sports mad as me!



I had a chat with a couple of Keighley Cougars guys as I made my way to the stadium – a whole group were collecting money for Danny Jones’ family all weekend.  The rugby league world really has pulled around to help this young family after the tragic death of Danny.



I’d enjoyed the company of my neighbours the day before and was pleased to see Tracey and Wayne (Bulls fans I think – they confused me!) in situ.  We had some great chat/banter during the day.



Dewberry started the weekend in 6th place having won 7 of their 12 games – Batley were in 8th spot with only 4 wins from their 12.



I was interested to see Glenn Morrison on the touchline as Dewsbury coach, also to see the large than life figure of Karl Pryce – last I’d heard he was plying his trade as a rugby union player  in Essex.



In common with the earlier game it was Batley who took control early on, but Dewsbury who scored the 1st points with a try by Scott Hale totally against the run of play.  Brett Seymour added the extras.



Batley scored the try their possession deserved through Brad Day – Scott Leatherbrow kicked to even the scores.



An Aaron Brown try converted by Seymour saw the teams go in with the score on Dewsbury 12 Batley 6.



It can’t be said that this was a great rugby league spectacle but it was a tight and tense game.  Batley pulled the scores back to 12 a piece when Alex Brown scored and Leatherbrow converted.



It was to be Dewsbury who would take the 2 points however – Seymour had a kick at the posts after a penalty – the ball ricocheted off the posts and it was regained by the Rams – Dalton Grant scored  try adding 4 points where 2 were missed.  Anthony Thackeray converted the try.



The game finished with the score on Dewsbury 18 Batley 12 – it had been a hard fought competition with the Rams just edging it.



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