The 31st of May and I seem to have gone a bit sports crazy!  70 Events – I wonder what the total will be by the 31st of December!  I have a feeling the last event of the year could be the Big Game 8 at Twickers, unless I can sneak some footie in there!

Essex were due to be playing cricket in the morning, but rather than double up I got myself nearly up to date with my writing before I set off for – and here’s the odd thing – Camrose Avenue in – I don’t really know where if I’m honest!  Edgware maybe?


How I survived before I had a Satnav I do not know, I genuinely have no idea where, town wise, The Hive is!  Worrying!


What I do know is that it takes me just under an hour to get there on a good day, I confess to shouting at M25 3rd lane drivers for the 2nd day in a row, I shock myself sometimes!  I do wish lots would understand they are actually allowed in the 2 inside lanes!!



Other than the annoyances I had a good journey and arrived in time for lunch – I’ve said it before about The Hive, but they have a good choice of food, not all of which involves a fryer!  I had a cheese baguette myself, with crisps (unhealthy I know) and a diet coke – all for £4 – not bad at all!



Bradford Bulls fans had been a star attraction in Blackpool, singing for the whole of the 2nd half of their game against Halifax!  Great credit to them that they travelled in numbers to London!  And wow they were noisy again – impressive!


The game started with both teams knocking the ball on, Bulls’ fumble gave Broncos territory advantage, Broncos drop promptly lost it!


Andrew Henderson was again on the pitch rather than the sidelines – he really is a classy player; Broncos look a different outfit with the boss amongst them.


Broncos had a repeat set in the Bulls half and as should be the way with good territory they capitalised with a try scored by Tom Gilmore who reacted quickly to pounce on a grubber kick.


Captain Wes Naiqama converted the try – a rugby league god in Fiji he has a very accurate boot!


There was a schoolboy error from the kick off – Bulls kicked the ball straight out, again this gave the home team territory and again they capitalised – Jamie Thackray scoring close to the posts.  An easy kick for Naiqama and Broncos were 12 ahead.


With 9 minutes gone there were some very happy home fans, however Bulls got their kick off right this time and regained possession when they gathered the high kick.


Several knock ons, penalties and big defensive efforts by Broncos and Bulls prolonged possession resulted in their 1st try.  Ryan Shaw scored and converted the try.



Bulls had won in Blackpool but had looked a bit lacklustre – it wasn’t to be the case at The Hive.


I’m going to try not to linger on the officials but I think I do have to comment that the referee wasn’t consistent in his decision making.






Bulls won another penalty when Broncos were penalised for messing about in the tackle (not a technical term I know).  From where I was, which I accept wasn’t with the view the ref had, it looked to me as if the Bulls player was holding the Broncos man in.


Bulls put in a good kick and with the field position gained scored again through Danny Williams. Shaw, similarly good with the boot, added the extras.  The scores were back to even at 12 apiece.


In spite of a flurry of knock ons and penalties the teams went in at even half time.


Broncos were 1st to go close in the 2nd half as Naiqama was held up over the line.  But Bulls were the 1st to score, Adam Henry collecting  a grubber kick to score; Shaw maintained his 100% record with the kick.


Broncos again put themselves in a good position to score, but knocked on, that was a feature of the game, good position squandered by dropped ball.


Iliess Macani showed his speed chasing a Tom Gilmore kick to force a goal line drop out, but Broncos couldn’t capitalise.



However Bulls did score after concerted pressure Etu Uaisele touching down, Shaw converting.  Things were running away from the home team.


A Further 2 penalties given away by Broncos – more territory and another try for Bulls!  Adam Sidlow crashing over the line from close range, Shaw, of course added the extras, he was impressive it has to be said.



Broncos benefited from a penalty however, having gained possession after a Bulls knock on.  Jamie Thackray added to his personal tally, Naiqama converted the try.  It has to be said Thackray looks as for as a butchers dog and in fine form.


I am now going to have a proper non PC moan about the linesman/touch judge/ assistant ref, whatever we’re calling them these days.

Broncos kicked what appeared to be a 100% 40/20 – I am trying to judge with unbiased eyes – it honestly looked nailed on to me.  But not to the man with the flag.  Broncos remonstrated and the whole thing turned into a penalty for Bulls.


Bulls finished off the scoring through Adam O’Brien – Shaw scored another 2 points with the boot.

The score finished on London Broncos 18 Bradford Bulls 36. The Bulls were deserved winners – but I do think I’d ask questions of the ref – or make sure my team knew how to play him.


The result was disappointing, rather than linger I decided to head home – I need to make a note to self about trying to outwit my Satnav – it adds time!


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