This is an opportunity that’s too good to miss!  Register your club before May 13th!

To launch NatWest RugbyForce for 2016 England’s Will Greenwood and Lewis Moody have joined Scotland’s Al Kellock and Wales’ Tom Shanklin in the ‘Legends’ Lair’, alongside host Nigel Owens, as Will and Lewis begin their search for a club to join as an honorary board members.

 Give your club an opportunity to work with a Legend!

NatWest RugbyForce is a grassroots partnership between the RFU and NatWest and aims to help clubs attract new members and become more sustainable, with this year focusing on rewarding volunteers as well as welcoming the community to the club. New for 2016, clubs across England will have the chance to see Will and Lewis join their club as an advisor for a year.


 To launch the new incentive Will and Lewis recently joined the two other legends in taking their seats in the ‘Legends’ Lair’ to reveal what they are looking for in a club and how they intend to use their playing and business experience to add their support. Clubs registering for NatWest RugbyForce before 13th May at could see Will or Lewis join their club.F

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